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Businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations everywhere are impacted by technology, policy, and geopolitics. Yet, it can be challenging — for organizations of all sizes — to navigate this complex and volatile digital world.

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The Global Cyber Digest, brought to you by Global Cyber Strategies — a Washington, DC-based research and advisory firm — is our public analysis of some of the latest technology, policy, and geopolitics developments around the world. Whether in-the-weeds threat intelligence analysts or those focused on the bigger business or policy picture, subscribe now to stay in-the-know.

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About the firm

Global Cyber Strategies is a Washington, DC-based research and advisory firm that helps clients navigate the digital world, from cybersecurity and privacy threats to the opportunities and risks posed by technology policy and geopolitics.

Our founder and CEO, Justin Sherman, has written hundreds of articles, testified to Congress, appeared on national and international media like NPR and SHOWTIME, and briefed and advised policymakers and companies around the world on technology, policy, and geopolitics issues. He leverages a background in computer science, political science, and international relations to help clients tackle these challenges.

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Justin Sherman

Justin Sherman is the founder and CEO of Global Cyber Strategies, a Washington, DC-based research and advisory firm focused on technology, policy, and geopolitics.