Many recent stories have underscored that health data is insufficiently protected in the United States. Here's what to know.
The US has released its new national cyber strategy. Here's what to know.
As the 2023 Congress gets underway, members are likely to focus on numerous technology issues. Here's what to know.
The European Commission has banned TikTok from use on staff devices. Here's what to know—and how it fits in with policies and debates on TikTok…
The Indian government has banned hundreds more mobile apps, many with reported links to China. Here's what businesses and investors need to know.
US policy on non-US tech companies, products, and services is rapidly evolving. But it often barrels past two important questions.
The US government is expanding its security reviews of foreign investments in the United States—and technology is a major focus. Here's the data.
Russian state-owned telecom and digital services giant Rostelecom recently presented on Russia's top technology challenges for 2023. Here's what it…
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